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Bent Laminated Glass Pre-heat &Pre-pressing Machine-Vertical type

Product brief introduction:

  • Detail
  • Technical feature

    HG-WYJ series continuous pre-heating pre-press machine for laminating glass is special in manufacturing safety glass in architecture and autos. The glass is conveyed vertically through the machine.

    1. Machine Structure

    This machine consist of main frame, conveyor, heating & vacuum system, air circulation system and etc.. Conveyor is driven by chain and inverter can adjust speed. The temperature is controlled automatically by control device.

    2 Working Principle

    Put the combined glass vertically on glass conveyor in loading section and plug vacuum rubber piper in vacuum valve of the conveyor and open the valve. Glass moves along with the conveyor entering heating section stably for heating and vacuuming. When glass temperature meet the setting temperature, most of the air will be exhausted ensuring glass achieve ideal result. When glass is conveyed to the end of the conveyor, close the vacuum valve and pull out the vacuum rubber pipe and unloading the glass from the ends. The whole process is finished.

    3 Machine features

    This machine has automatic temperature control device and the speed can be adjusted freely, which is suitable to continuously working. It can be used under all kinds of natural environment with high producing speed and finished product rate, and not affected by the local climate. Glasses are vertically conveyed, the machine use less space and can work more efficiently.

    This machine has features of advanced design, reasonable structure, nice outlook and expert layout, which ensure safely and reliably running.

    4 Technical parameters

    HG-WYJ vertical type continuous pre-heating pre-press machine

    Outline size:

    11000x2400x3160mm (more or less)

    Maximum glass size:



    40-50 pairs/h

    Installed power:


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