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Glass washing machine

Product brief introduction:Glass washing machine used for washing and drying glass after edging, it was compose by in-feed, washing, drying (2 pairs of air knives), and out-feed sections.

  • Detail
  • Technical feature

    Technical specification and parameters: 

    Equipment features:

    1. Gear transmission, speed frequency control, digital display, easy to link with processing line.

    2. Washing & dry part can lift 400mm for clean & maintain rubber roller easily.

    3. 3 pairs washing brushes, the first 2 hard pairs lift by air cylinder, the third soft brushes can clean every kind of Low-E glass.

    4. 2 pairs air knives special design make stronger air and quick dry.

    5. Feeding part with stainless water sink and high pressure water spraying for clean rubber roller automatically

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